Our journey with the LEGO Group began in 2005, marking the start of an inspiring collaboration. Initially focused on creating school bags, our partnership quickly blossomed, driven by a shared commitment to quality, creativity, and innovation.

Building on the success of our school bags, we expanded our product range over the years. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from our customers spurred us to innovate and diversify, incorporating more of LEGO’s iconic designs and themes into our collections.

In 2018, our partnership reached a significant milestone when we signed a global license agreement for LEGO® luggage. This agreement allowed us to introduce a range of travel products that captured the essence of LEGO, combining functionality with playful design. From suitcases to travel accessories, our LEGO luggage line is designed to inspire adventure and creativity, whether on a family vacation or a weekend getaway.

We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing this incredible journey with the LEGO Group, bringing new and exciting products to LEGO fans around the world.


We have created an extensive range of LEGO products to meet the diverse needs of LEGO fans around the world. Our collections combine functionality with the iconic LEGO designs, providing appealing and practical solutions for various markets.

School Bags: Our LEGO-themed school bags offer a blend of durability and design, tailored for educational needs. These bags feature ample storage spaces and robust constructions, ensuring they meet the demands of young students while showcasing popular LEGO characters and themes.

Backpacks: Our LEGO backpacks are suitable for various settings, from school to recreational activities. Each backpack is designed with functionality in mind, offering practical features combined with the distinctive LEGO aesthetic that appeals to children and parents alike.

Luggage: Our LEGO luggage collection includes a range of travel products, from suitcases to travel accessories. These items are crafted to provide durability and practicality, all while maintaining the playful and recognizable LEGO design.

Accessories: Our accessory range includes drawstring bags, pencil cases, wallets, and lunch boxes. Each accessory is designed to complement our main product lines, offering additional value and convenience. These items feature vibrant LEGO prints and practical designs, suitable for various retail environments.

You can explore our latest catalogues below.


Introducing our vibrant and innovative school bag line, designed to inspire young minds as they embark on their educational journey. Our school bag line is specially crafted with the needs of school children in mind, combining functionality, durability, and delightful designs that capture their imagination.


Introducing our remarkable line of LEGO inspired luggage, where functionality meets the timeless appeal of LEGO brick design and well-known LEGO themes. Crafted with precision and a passion for play, our trolleys bring together the convenience of a rolling bag with the iconic look and the feel of LEGO bricks.


Our collaboration with LEGO includes receiving detailed style guides to ensure our designers stay aligned with the latest LEGO themes and characters. This enables us to create products that are always on trend with LEGO’s own offerings.

As part of GROWN UP GROUP, a leading bag and luggage production company based in Hong Kong, we leverage extensive expertise in producing high-quality, innovative products. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that every LEGO bag we produce not only meets but exceeds the expectations of LEGO fans worldwide.

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