We are proud to hold licenses for some of the world’s most iconic brands, including the LEGO Group, New Balance, and Caterpillar Inc. These partnerships allow us to bring high-quality, innovative products to market that reflect the values and heritage of these renowned companies.

Our licensing agreements are not just about using a brand name; they are about maintaining the high standards that these brands are known for. We work closely with LEGO, New Balance, and Caterpillar Inc. to ensure that every product meets rigorous quality and design standards, providing our customers with the best possible experience.

In addition to our licensed brands, we are extremely proud to present our own brand, Ellehammer. Rooted in our Danish heritage, Ellehammer boasts a rich history and embodies the values of quality and craftsmanship that define our company. This unique brand adds depth to our portfolio, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in every product we offer.


Inspired by Caterpillar’s legacy of engineering excellence and durability, GROWN UP Licenses embarks on a mission to bring the rugged elegance of heavy machinery to the world of fashion accessories.


Drawing upon New Balance’s rich heritage of craftsmanship and innovation, GROWN UP Licenses brings a fresh perspective to the world of fashion accessories


Inspired by the LEGO® bricks and themes, our bags, luggage and accessories are designed to spark imagination, encourage exploration, and foster a love for learning among children.


With our own brand Ellehammer, we present a collection of travel accessories and luggage solutions that redefine travel style with Scandinavian sophistication and innovation.