With over 20 years’ experience, GROWN UP Licenses is a leading license and brand company specialized in designing and manufacturing of bags, tool storage, luggage, and accessories, in close partnership with brand owners and leading distribution companies. GROWN UP Licenses’ global brand portfolio includes Caterpillar®, New Balance® and LEGO® Group, as well as our own proprietary Ellehammer® brand. We serve our diverse and global customers (distributors, wholesalers and retailers) from our head offices in Hong Kong and Denmark, our sales and marketing presences in China, the United States and Europe, with an extensive distribution network and a wide range of sales channels over the world.

GROWN UP Licenses is part of GROWN UP GROUP which traces its roots back to 1989. Guided by Group Chairman Thomas Berg, the Group is continuously growing and evolving. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group has expanded its business operations globally. It has established production facilities in Jiangxi Province, China, and maintains a strong sales and marketing presence in Denmark, APAC, GCC, and the US.

The Group has also developed a robust supply chain network spanning across China and Southeast Asia. Strategically located showrooms are situated in Hong Kong and Aarhus, while the global development and supply chain centre is based in Shenzhen, China. These strategic locations and facilities contribute to the Group’s operational efficiency and global reach.

Throughout its history, GROWN UP Licenses has achieved significant milestones, including obtaining the LEGO® bag license in 2005, the global CAT® bag and luggage license in 2010, launching of own brand Ellehammer® in 2012, signing a global license for LEGO® Luggage in 2018, securing a global supply and US license agreement for New Balance® in 2020, and expending its licensing scope for New Balance® in the UK, GCC and certain APAC regions in 2023/24. These partnerships have further strengthened the company’s reputation and expanded its licensing reach in key markets.


To be the leading and preferred supplier of bags, tool storage and luggage

The Group’s diversification includes entering the fields of product development and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) services. Delivering competitive solutions for customers has become a core value for GROWN UP GROUP. The Group specialises in development, design, and licensing, collaborating with renowned brands such as Ellehammer®, LEGO®, Caterpillar®, and New Balance®. This strategic approach covers various aspects, including manufacturing, design, development, anddistribution.


Create a competent and competitive culture, design great products and deliver excellent performance

GROWN UP GROUP’s vision is to become a leading supplier of bags, tool storage, and luggage. The company fosters a competent and competitive culture, striving to design exceptional products. Core values such as “get it done” attitude, proactiveness, passion, teamwork, open communication, and social and environmental responsibility are deeply ingrained in the organization.

With over three decades of experience, GROWN UP GROUP has evolved its business model to include Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), ODM, Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) and Original License Manufacturing (OLM) capabilities. This comprehensive supply chain covers design, production control, quality assurance, sales, marketing, and logistics. GROWN UP GROUP is widely recognised for its dynamic and innovative presence in the backpack and luggage industry, consistently creating value for customers and partners.

In Denmark the Group has several companies. Grown Up Licenses ApS, commonly referred to as GPL is the owner of the LEGO®, CAT® and New Balance® license and employs most of the staff involved in the licensing business. GPL owns Berg Brand Management ApS, also known as BBM, which is GPL’s distributor operating in the European market. The Group’s OEM/ODM business relations are also managed from the Danish office from Grown Up ApS, called GPE. Although there are several legal entities, the owner of the group is the same and all are part of the same GROWN UP GROUP team.